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Relocation Blueprint - Long-term family travel Course - with John & Safiyyah

Are you frustrated by the fact how some people make traveling the world look so easy and effortless ---- while appearing to be on one endless vacation?

One day they're in Nigeria, and a few months later, they’re in the U.K or New Zealand.

How the heck is that possible? Wouldn’t you have to be some millionaire to pull that off, especially when traveling with a large family? These people must have gotten an enormous settlement, won the lottery or run a business empire, right?

Not really. You don’t need to have won the lottery or be a trust fund baby to travel the world.

I know this because my family of seven have been traveling internationally for about four years. During the course of our travels, we have had very stressful financial hiccups, questioning our purpose for traveling, and not sure if we were doing what was best for our family. We had to do some real soul-searching to figure out how we could live a life of travel with five children. It took awhile for the light bulb to turn on, but once it did, there was no turning back. Now, we are able to experience living in some of the most beautiful places on the planet, eating amazing and culturally diverse foods, seeing some of the most breathtaking scenes nature has to offer, meeting interesting people and making long-lasting friendships — all at affordable prices and arguably cheaper than the cost of remaining in your hometown.

Relocation Blueprint: The Long-term Travel Course is our travel strategies compiled into easily digestible lesson plans. Our desire has always been to travel the world with our five children, and we will show you how you can do it with your family too.

Your copy of this course will pay for itself multiple times over - with travel tips geared towards every walk of life.

You can look forward to our exclusive Facebook group. In addition, we will be adding interviews, guest speakers and much more. And rest assured we will continuously update and add more goodies as time goes on; so get in while the price is super low.

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  • We will give you the real deal perspective on Full-Time travel. NO FLUFF and NO BULL!
  • We will remove any myths surrounding full-time travel
  • You’ll see why you don’t need to be rich or retired to travel the world.
  • We will show you how you can spend more time enjoying life and less time being overworked and over-stressed.

More specifically we’ll share:

- How To Live Better on Less

- Frequently Asked Questions About Long Term Family Travel

- Getting Your Priorities In Order Prior To Travel

- The Fundamentals of Living abroad

- How To Fly For Cheap

- What To Do About the Yellow Fever Vaccinations

- Finding the Perfect Accommodations

- Understanding Visa Basics

- Safety Concerns

- The Realities of Traveling Full-Time

- The Digital Nomad Movement

- Minimalism & Travel

- Budgeting & Finances

- International Phone Calls & Mail

- Resource List and Business Ideas

- A Tour Around the World – Which Destination is Best For You?

- Making Friends, Not Enemies

- Thinking and Talking About Your “Why” for Travel

- Researching the Options: Medical and Insurance

- Visualize Your Daily Life Abroad

- Executing the Details

- Travel and Self-improvement

Relocation Blueprint Lesson Plans

Introduction: How to Travel the World For Less Than You Pay to Stay at Home. You can get a sneak peek into the introduction absolutely FREE here. Check it out and see if we’re a good fit.

Lesson 1: Priorities

We ask some tough questions to find out if long term travel is what you really want to do. Before traveling, there are a few things you need to consider first. Traveling the world comes with tough sacrifices. It has a cost just like anything else in life. You have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone, including letting go of a few luxuries and adjusting your beliefs about the world.

Lesson 2: The Nitty-Gritty of World Travel

Start focusing on what really matters. Cut through all the fluff and get to the nitty-gritty. This lesson covers precisely what you need for successful long-term travel. Cell phone plans, what you should pack, how much you should pack. residency, visas, insurance coverage, vaccinations, and much more. When things go wrong. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from getting on that plane. We show you how to take the proper travel precautions when traveling so you can avoid getting robbed or taken advantage of, and let you know what to do if it happens anyway. Because, sometimes sh*t happens, regardless of where you live.

Lesson 3: How To Fly

The information in this lesson alone is well worth the price of the course. There are many ways to ‘cheat the system’ and find cheap airfare rates. This lesson includes obscure routes, hidden discounts, and the importance of hub airports. This information by itself will save you hundreds if not thousands throughout your travel journey.

Lesson 4: Accommodations

More than anything else, the accommodation you choose will impact your travel experience the most. Whether you stay in a quaint hostel, a modern apartment, an upscale hotel, or comfy house; your experience in each country is going to differ dramatically. Relocation Blueprint will show you how to find the best home that fits your lifestyle and budget perfectly.

Lesson 5: Your Relocation Blueprint

If you don’t know what’s possible for you, all your dreams of travel are likely to remain just that: dreams.

There’s so much to do and see that most people deciding to travel don’t realize the options right in front of them, or are overwhelmed by it. This course will help you determine which countries you can afford, for how long, and what quality of life you can expect there. Don’t set limits, discover them.

Lesson 6: Trip Around The World

Here we will look at the highs and lows of various regions around the world to give a consensus on what you can expect when you travel to a specific destination. While we do not claim to have traveled all over this world, our research, interviews and personal experience will give a fair evaluation so you can make up your mind and do whatever is best for you and your family.

Lesson 7: Finding Friends Along The Way

Often, building relationships can be very unpredictable. The people you feel closest to at the moment, are perhaps the very ones you were bound to by superficial qualities. Whereas other people you just naturally stay in touch with and seem to genuinely connect with on a deeper level no matter where you are in the world. Learn how to make real connections regardless of location or cultural backgrounds. Friendships are the life-blood to your happiness and may be the key to positive experiences when traveling.

Lesson 8: Personal Growth and High Vibrations

You don’t hear much about this when folks talk about travel. But exploring the world can be a pain in the a$$. It can make you weary, homesick, and stressed; combined with the challenge of immersing in a new culture, lack of routine, or learning a new language. We share our lessons on embracing every moment and being emotionally secure when depressing times happen. We also share how to be vulnerable enough to grow during this process, celebrate every achievement, even the small ones, and how to deal with emotional goodbyes. Every intimate and life-altering experience makes traveling more empowering, beautiful, and rewarding.

Create Your Own Relocation Blueprint with Actionable Exercises

Throughout the course, you’ll be completing exercises that will turn into your very own Relocation Blueprint.

You will create your own budget, choose the proper insurance, find cheap flights, choose the most appropriate destinations, and find the best home for you and your family. You will begin creating your very own realistic plan on how you will make a living to support yourself and your family while you travel.

Everyone is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to travel. This course is designed to be flexible and pragmatic, so you can create an original blueprint that fits your travel goals, interests, lifestyle, and budget. These steps were put together to help you ditch the rat race and travel with your family long-term. You will create a plan that allows you to see amazing destinations and experience what the world is really like from a first-hand point of view.

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John & Safiyyah Christian
John & Safiyyah Christian

John, and Safiyyah Christian, and their 5 children are known as the Native Borne Family. This family of 7, have gone on exploits, taken some risks, and grew tremendously as a family and business. They use their platform to share their life lessons with the world and document their travel journey along the way. If your goal is to live life passionately, follow their journey on social media, and subscribe to this course. You will be amazed by all of the hidden gems and life hacks they share.

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